Spiral Trio


Spiral Trio is modern jazz piano trio based in Athens Greece. Since 2012, when they first met, they have been constantly working on their sound through rehearsing and performing in clubs and festivals throughout Greece and other European countries. On 2017 they released their first album “Spiral Trio” by ANKh Music Productions, consisting mainly of jazz standards, and on 2022 they released their second album, “Broken Blue” by Odradek Records, consisting mainly of original compositions of the members of the trio, which has received enthusiastic reviews internationally.


The three musicians formed Spiral Trio as a result of their need to work as a team and to experiment with modern jazz improvisation. With their experience in national and international scenes they have formed a clearly distinguished and recognizable sound as a group and as individuals. Their sound is characterized by the constant interplay which, in combination with the high level of their musical and improvisation skills bring to the music elements of surprise, variety in the creation of musical images and imagination in the narration.

Spyros Manesis, piano

Arionas Gyftakis, double bass

Anastasis Gouliaris, drums


"We live in an age where revivals of everything vintage are the norm in music. However, most of them seem to get caught up in just recreating a certain sound, with certain gear, ignoring the true essence of creating timeless music. Sociopolitical

stimulus, the drive for freedom, the wish for experiencing the unknown, the unawareness of danger, the longing for true communication...


Throwing four musicians, all hailing from musically diverse backgrounds in the studio and hitting the REC button. It's all about building bridges and not burning them down. And that's what TFATFY'S music is all about.”


Minas Liakos - Guitar

Spyros Manesis - Keys

Stelios Provis - Bass

Serafeim Giannakopoulos - Drums

Christine Corvisier/Spyros Manesis

French saxophonist Christine Corvisier and Spyros Manesis started playing together in Amsterdam in 2010, when still studying at the Consevatory of Amsterdam. They formed Christine Corvisier/Spyros Manesis duo which is combining mainstream jazz tradition with a more modern touch. Their sound is characterized by intense interplay, lyricism, intense rhythms and rapid changes of moods and musical atmospheres. Ever since the duo have toured France, Germany and Greece.


The music of Christine Corvisier/Spyros Manesis Duo has been released in their album “First takes”, (Unit Records 2016) and has received rave reviews.  The tracks of this album are exclusively first takes recorded during a 2-hour studio session in our last tour in Greece. The session happened spontaneously, with no intention to be published, the music however that came out was so pure and alive that wedecided to release it. The recording captures in a remarkable way all the crucial elements of the music of our duo, such as musical sensitivity, lyricism, virtuosity, creativity and intense interaction between the two of them, which create tension and lead the music to a wide range of musical images. No additions or editing were done after the recording session


Christine Corvisier - tenor saxophone, compositions

Spyros Manesis - piano, compositions.